Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Perspective on Energy

There are times when investors need perspective as much as a new investment idea.  Following are a few facts for a clearer view on the energy industry.  In 2016, consumers and business in the United States consumed 97.4 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of energy from a mix of sources.  For the first time renewable energy sources accounted for 10% of the country’s energy production, surpassing nuclear. 
There are other changes afoot.  Coal has declined in importance as emissions standards have encouraged power producers to gravitate toward cleaner fuel sources.  Coal-fired power plants now provide 15% of the country’s energy needs compared to 21% in 2009.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Big Data Technology for Water

The water series continues with a look at two more technology companies that have solutions to avert the looming water crisis.  Even just scanning the earlier posts in this water series, alerts investors to the fact that all the innovators are small, early-stage and privately held.  This makes it a bit difficult for some investors who need the simplicity and liquidity of a publicly traded stock.  That does not mean the next two small, private companies should not be of interest to all investors.  If not as standalone companies innovators of technology filter into the market as acquired operations.  Investors are well served by understanding new technology and how it changes the competitive landscape  -  even if they are not taking a direct stake.

In this post we look at two more companies bringing efficiency to the water industry.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Efficiency for Drinkable Water

In the current article series that began in the previous week with “A Taste of Water” a case was made for investing in products and services that address water shortage problems.  Water is a vital input for a whole host of companies.  As clean water becomes more difficult and more expensive to acquire, costs of production and final products will escalate.  In some places inadequate water supplies civil unrest can be expected in addition to loss of economic output.
We continue with companies engaged in interesting development for water supply and quality solutions.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Water Fix

Image result for waste water images
Without solving water resource problems investors will find it increasingly difficult to reach gross domestic product targets embedded in their earnings models.  The last post “A Taste of Water” made a case for investing in products and services that address water shortage problems. 
Some investors, who otherwise embrace the water resource theme, might be quite disappointed to learn that there are few water-related public companies of size available for a minority stake.  We mention here three companies that are involved with water reclamation and reuse  -  two are private and one has publicly traded stock.