Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Alabama Graphite: Steady Drumbeat of Progress

Batteries are becoming an enabler of renewable energy technology adoption.  The electric car has become widely accepted as an alternative to cars powered by fossil fuel combustion engines.  This has largely been possible because advances in batteries have made it possible to store enough energy to power a car for extended time periods or mileage.  Intermittent power generation sources such as solar and wind are also highly dependent upon storage solutions.  We return to the battery technology topic frequently because it could offer strong returns for renewable energy investors.  It is not just the battery makers.  Producers of the components and materials for batteries are also fair game.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Green Offerings

Investors based in the U.S. need to look far and wide for new stock issues from renewable energy companies.  Capital markets activity has slowed in the last couple of years, in part to due to their own success.  In reaching new efficiency in energy production, renewable energy companies are generating their own internal capital and are not as dependent upon the capital markets.  The Hong Kong market has come to the rescue of U.S. investors with a ‘green’ offering.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

When a REIT is Right

There are a number of reasons to invest in a REIT  -  a Real Estate Investment Trust.  REITs give investors the investment potential of a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate with the advantage of liquidity through publicly traded shares.  The structure can deliver income as a majority of profits are paid to investors as dividends.  Equity REITs tend to perform well in periods when interest rates are low and property values are climbing  -  very much like our present economic circumstances.  Some REITs can also provide a tax advantage as their dividends may qualify as capital gains that are taxed at lower rates.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Electrovaya's Battery Bargain

Last week management of Electrovaya Inc. (EFLVF:  OTC/QB) were forced to issue a statement stating there were no fundamental developments to explain a dramatic decline in its share price.  The stock was trimmed back by 30% in two days under exceptional trading volume.  Electrovaya has developed proprietary lithium ion polymer batteries for grid storage and transportation applications.  Other than financial results for the quarter ending March 2017, the Company has had little to tell investors about the batteries, its customers or any other topic.
Image result for evonik electrovaya image
Electrovaya distinguishes its lithium ion batteries among competitors with a ceramic separator that improves battery safety.  Zero hazardous accidents have been reported for the batteries with this innovation used in smart cars.  Competitors have reported battery failures some of which have resulted in car fires.  Inadequate insulation of electrodes is often cited as a reason for such ‘thermal runaway’ in batteries.