Friday, April 06, 2018

EnviroLeach's Novel Brew

Last month EnviroLeach Technologies (EVLLF:  OTC/BB, ETI:  CSE) won one of four semi-finalist spots in a contest aimed at finding technologies disruptive to the mining sector.  Sponsored by Goldcorp (GG:  NYSE) and accounting firm KPMG, the #DisruptMining 2018 challenge attracted over one hundred entrants.  Another of the four semi-finalists won the top prize of CAD$1 million, but EnviroLeach still got a chance showcase its environment-friendly method for recovering gold.

EnviroLeach’s hydrometallurgial process can be applied a variety of materials where gold is resident, from electronic waste to ores and concentrates taken directly from mine sites.  The hydrometallurgical process is not so different from conventional gold recovery methods involving vats of lixiviant, a liquid bath that leaches or liberates the target metal. 

The company has developed a novel brew to put in the vat.  Instead of toxic cyanide that has been the favorite in the gold mining sector, the company uses five non-toxic ingredients that are approved by the Federal Drug Administration.  Investors will have to take management’s world for it, as the five ingredients remain unnamed while EnviroLeach waits for patent protection.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

A Stake in Biopolymers

Last month Eastman Chemical Company (EMN:  NYSE) announced an expansion of its urethane extrusion line at one of its specialty chemical plants.  This one located near Martinsville, Virginia makes paint protection films and window films.  Urethane is perfect to protect surfaces in a home or business.  It is not brittle like plastic, but has excellent tolerance for grease and oils.  When exposed to the elements it does not rot or degrade over time like rubber. 
Shareholders likely cheered the development in Virginia for potential addition to market share.  Eastman grabbed $9.6 billion in sales from the specialty chemicals market in 2017, earning $1.4 billion in net income or $9.47 in earnings per share.  Anyone who has waded through even just a few of posts here, knows I hold a special interest in companies that generate cash.  In 2017, Eastman turned a whopping 17.3% of sales into operating cash flow.  With so much cash sloshing around Eastman is able to offer a tasty dividend of $2.24 per share, which at the current price provides a yield of 2.1%.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Blessings of the Pascal Celebration

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Well wishes from the associates at


Let  us find solace in God's perfect love for all.
May that love fill you with hope in the days ahead.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Greening of Utility Dividends

Investors looking for income have long relied on the stocks of electric utilities.  Naturally cash generative utility companies have a history of generous dividend payout policies.  However, for those investors who have a concern about sustainability or climate change, even utilities with the highest dividend yields may not be appealing.
We looked at a selection of nine utility companies with mixed achievements in terms of the percentage of renewable energy sources found in their retail sales of electricity.  The intensity of renewable energy in utility portfolios varies considerably across the industry.  Many utilities are grappling with legacy coal and oil infrastructure.  Others are not favored by the crops, sun, wind or geothermal deposits that are supportive of alternative power generation.