Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Earth Day is Every Day for Investors

Earth Day 2019 was April 22nd.  Started forty-nine years ago to increase awareness of the environmental, the first Earth Day featured sit-ins, demonstrations, marches, and speeches.  As the years have gone by the day has been commemorated with clean-up projects and, of course, more marches and demonstrations.  Today, the day after Earth Day, the environmental imperative is ever more palpable.  Indeed, each day as we go about our routine the effects of global warming and climate change hit us full on the face  -  unpredictable and uncharacteristic weather patterns, unexpected and disastrous wind and rain events, unusual animal migrations.
The ramifications of melting pole ice, rising seas and shifting agricultural lands are so catastrophic for humans, it is clear one single day of activism will not be enough.  Every day of the year must be dedicated to the environment just to mitigate some of the most negative results for humans  -  no access to potable water supply, reduced food production, life threatening weather events, loss of sea shores and beaches  -   to name just a few.
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Argentine Glacier Collapse

Friday, April 19, 2019

Holiday Message

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Blessings of the Paschal Mystery

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Graphite Grown Ups

Grand View Research, another industry research group, estimates that the graphite market could reach $93 billion by 2025, boosted mostly by new demand for electric vehicle batteries as well as batteries for electronic devices and grid-storage systems.  According to Technavio, an industry research firm, the graphite industry is estimated to grow more than 5% annually through 2025, largely on new demand for highly purified graphite material used in lithium ion battery anodes.
Among the immediate beneficiaries of this growth trend are the established graphite producers and those among the most recent entrants that have begun ringing up sales to customers.
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Graphite Intermediate Products of Mersen, SA

Friday, April 12, 2019

Graphite Developers Eye Large Growing Market

The post Integrated Graphene Producers featured several graphene producers with novel business models that marry captive graphite sources to the technology and knowhow to produce graphene.  These are not the only graphite producers.  Although not as elegant as graphene with its svelte single-atom profile, the market for graphite has its appeal as well.  Graphite has been a staple in steel industry crucibles, foundry molds and automobile brake linings.  These days graphite has moved into another even more important place in cars  -  lithium ion batteries that make electric vehicles viable as replacements for gas guzzling cars and trucks. 
Spherical graphite is especially desirable because the graphite anodes hold up well against the lithium electrolyte in repeated charge and discharge cycles.  Both coated and coated spherical graphite has experienced a surge in demand. 
In 2017, the lithium ion battery market consumed 105,000 metric tons of graphite  -  60,000 natural coated spherical purified graphite and 45,000  synthetic graphite.  Investors can expect these numbers to climb dramatically to keep up with the battery market.  MarketResearch, an industry research firm, estimates the lithium ion battery market will grow by 16.5% annually through 2024.  Those big numbers have quite a few miners reaching for picks and axes.  How many will gain a foothold in this big, fast growing graphite market?