Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tidying Up Electric Earth

After updating the roster of companies in the Beach Boys Index of bio-fuel and chemical developers, we turned to the Electric Earth Index.  Our planet Earth is a magnificent power house.  Winds whip across the landscape and great fires roar deep below our feet.   Waters are ever moving that send generators into an ‘electric’ frenzy. 

The updated Electric Earth Index has a couple of new members.  Boralex (BLX:  Toronto) has been added to the Wind Group.  The France-based power generator pulls 460 megawatts from wind turbines in Europe and Canada.  Along with its partner Gaz Metro, Boralex is planning what will be the largest wind farm in Canada.  Boralex derives another 200 megawatts of power from a combination of hydroelectric, thermal and solar sources.  Boralex has reported a net loss over the last year, but managed to convert 25% of sales to operating cash flow. 

Although Amonix, Inc. commands photovoltaic technologies as well, the company has been added to the Solar Concentrating Group.  Amonix was acquired earlier this year by Arzon Solar LLC for its proven utility-scale solar technologies.  While Amonix and its parent Arzon is inaccessible today for most investors, do not be surprised to see Arzon in the sights of a larger solar equipment company. 

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