Tuesday, January 07, 2014

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In the post “The Other Electric Car Company” on January 3rd, the merits of Kandi Technologies Group (KNDI:  Nasdaq) were compared to Tesla Motors (TSLA:  Nasdaq).  Electric car manufacturers are not the only sector for investors to tap into consumer interest in environmentally friendly transportation.  Electric cars have to be charged up, either at home or on the road, making car charging solutions a lucrative business.

Several electric car battery recharging solutions have been brought to market already.  SunPods is a developer of portable solar power generating modules that can be used anytime a temporary or mobile power source is needed. Its EV Plug-N-Go module can be installed quickly on corporate campuses or in public parking lots to charge a variety of electric vehicles. 

Hevo Power is developing a wireless charging solution that would make it possible to charge an electric car on the road as it passes over the HEVO Power Station embedded in city streets or parking lot surfaces.  The vehicle must be set up with an on-board wireless receiver that recognizes the Power Station infrastructure.  The Power Station is not on the market as yet, but Hevo Power was able to impress the Department of Energy in a competition for innovators held in early 2013.

ChargePoint has met with greater commercial success.  It claims the largest electric vehicle charging network in the world.  The company sells its charging stations to car owners and third parties that operate as independent charging station operators.  Typical station owners are retailers, municipalities and parking services.  ChargePoint’s mobile app helps car owners locate stations while on the road.

These three companies are private.  While Hevo Power appears to be perpetually in the hunt for capital, SunPods and ChargePoint have had venture capital support.  For the average minority investor, a stake in SunPods, Hevo or ChargePoint is probably out of the question.

Do not give up too easily.  There are two electric car charging operations that are public.  We will look at Car Charging Group (CCGI:  Nasdaq) and the eVgo division of NRG Energy (NRG:  NYSE) in the next two posts.

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I just cannot get excited about a company like tesla its seems to have a promising future. Look a little deeper and its really not all that promising.