Friday, May 17, 2013

Gains in Organic Photovoltaic Performance

Earlier this year organic photovoltaic device producer Heliatek GmbH announced a record 12.0% efficiency in the company’s organic solar cells.  The cell performance was verified by an accredited test facility run by SGS in Germany.  Organic photovoltaic cells have significant differences from conventional crystalline or thin-film cells.  The company claims using two different absorber materials makes their cells operate better under low-light and high-temperatures conditions.  Heliatek is targeting a 15% efficiency rate in the next year.

Unlike Eight19, which we described in the previous post as using printed polymers to make organic PV cells, Heliatek uses vacuum deposited oligomers in a roll-to-roll process to make its organic solar films.  It is proven production technology that offers significant cost savings over conventional non-organic cell manufacturing processes.  Heliatek claims it can produce multi-layer, triple junction cells that absorb a wider spectrum of light.

Heliatek has gained quite a bit of attention for its development accomplishments.  That seems to have helped win a series of private investments.  What is missing from the picture are customers and orders.  As a private company Heliatek can play things close to the vest, announcing only select news.

It is likely that both Heliatek and Eight19 will need a few demonstration installations to prove their products have advantages over conventional non-organic solar cells.  Market penetration will be hard fought given the solar cell price freefall in recent months.  The next hurdle will be proving the profitability at volume production.  Even a whiff of success will likely turn both these companies into acquisition targets.    


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