Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

The men and women who make it possible for the rest of us to live a life of privilege never get enough credit for their sacrifices.  For the efforts of our military we live in a country where we can speak our mind on any political topic without fear of arrest; move about the country freely without interference and; yes, even drive in large, fuel inefficient automobiles to the mall for mindless shopping.   

Granted military personnel have the privilege of shopping military bases stores.  Yet let’s be honest the PX is no Mall of America.  Military personnel do get to drive Humvees and other fuel-inefficient vehicles.  The bullets and pipe bombs are on special for them.

Tax payers  -  at least the ones who claim they are supporting the entire country  -  have been critical of military spending.  Yet military personnel are not sharing in the largesse if there is any.  Salaries and other benefits have not kept pace with the cost of living or at least the way people live in our modern world.  Our military personnel find themselves struggling to make ends meet just like the rest of us  -  even as they keep us and our country’s interests safe.

Today is a day set aside to express gratitude to military personnel for their sacrifices  -  large and small. 


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