Friday, October 21, 2011

The Protest App

In Charles Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities Madam Defarge sits knitting the names of assassination targets into stockings.  Her family was wronged and she seeks revenge against the backdrop of revolutionary foment in France.  Through Dicken’s prose you can almost hear the crowds racing through the streets brandishing pitch forks and clubs as they protest inequality.

It might be a bit less romantic than Defarge’s knitting, but Occupy Wall Street has its codes and signals too.  Indeed they have an App.  Users of both the iPhone and Android smart phones can download an App called "I'm Getting Arrested" that enables broadcast of a message to fellow protestors if you are about to be arrested.  Receiving the message enables protestors to steer clear of police or come to the aid a comrade.

I find this beautifully ironic.  Here we have a group protesting greed and using two of the best symbols of large business  -  the smart phone and wireless communications  -  as protest vehicles. 

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