Friday, October 14, 2011

Light Speed

Preparing the last post on SemiLEDS (LEDS:  Nasdaq), the Taiwan-based LED manufacturer, was enlightening  -  no pun intended.  Although we began looking for public offerings in the renewable energy field, we found a sector on the skids that had once been a Wall Street darling.  Everyone on Wall Street has at least one road show token with a twinkling LED light. 

SemiLED’s beating has been in the public market square.  Private LED producers, if they are also suffering, have the benefit of nursing their wound out of the public glare.

One private LED producer, Bridgelux, is proudly holding up its recent award as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.  It was ranked 751 out of 5000 by Inc 5000.  Of course, Bridgelux also makes a bit out of its “made in America” status.  It also discusses the LED market place as if it is growing "at light speed."  Apparently, news of analyst growth estimate haircuts has not yet reached BrightLux.

The verdict is still out on Bridgelux.  We have added it to The Atomics Index in the Solar Group.  We will be watching to see for its potential as initial public offering candidate.

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