Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Look What's New

All four of our new alternative energy indices have been published. We use the term indices loosely since these are not much more than lists of companies developing and producing renewable fuels, energy conservation or efficiency innovations. There is not enough room on a twice weekly weblog to write on all the companies, but much of our due diligence will be shared here.

The Beach Boys Index includes eight groups of companies - Ethanol, Cellular Ethanol, Algae, Biofuels, Biodiesel, Waste-to-Energy, Alternative Oil and Gas and Alternative Chemicals - which one way or another are using energy captured through photosynthesis.

The earth is dynamic with great forces of energy all around us. The Earth, Wind and Fire Index includes the companies that are attempting to capture this energy in various mechanical designs from wind mills, to wave machines, to solar concentrators. Do not forget the ageless renewable energy source - hydro.

Some might be perplexed not to find solar cell producers next to the manufacturers of solar concentrating panels. We grouped photovoltaic manufacturers in The Atomics Index because photovoltaic cells make the direct conversion of light into electricity at the atomic level. Powerful energy is generated in the nucleus of an atom. After all energy from the sun is the result of the nuclei of atoms splitting or combining, converting matter to energy. In addition to the Solar Cell group, this index includes nuclear power and hydrogen produced through electrolysis.

The Mothers of Invention Index includes a wide variety of companies involved in perfecting better ways to store, distribute and conserve energy and fuel. This index includes fuel cell products, smart grid developers and innovators of more efficient machines and materials.

Expect these lists to change frequently as business models evolve and we discover new operations. We listed each company only once in the category that best fit the operations primary revenue source or strategic direction. We reserve the prerogative to change our minds about a company’s listing. Indeed, we may even change the categories altogether.

The lists will be updated at least monthly. If you know a company that should be included please send a note to info@crystalequityresearch.com. To be included a company must have a verifiable technology or product.

My apologies to those who might not realize the indices are named after rock bands. Admittedly they are quite “last century” and perhaps unknown to investors who are not yet wearing relaxed fit jeans. It would have been great to find more contemporary musical groups, but names like the Sneaker Pimps or the Backstreet Boys just did not lend to describing alternative energy sources.

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