Friday, September 04, 2009

Laboring Holiday

What began as a working man's holiday may turn into a laboring holiday this year. Persistent economic worries continue to weigh on the minds of most in the 155 million people over the age of 16 years that comprise the U.S. labor force. It was labor disputes in the late 1800s that spurred union calls for a day to honor the working class. In recent years it has been more an opportunity for three-day getaway before school and work commitments pick up pace in the fall.

Whatever your plans might be as you head out today, let it be a safe and pleasant week-end.

Next week we look at more opportunities to play carbon both in terms of environmental clean-up and alternatives to fossil fuel. Long-term direction is becoming clearer - increased use of cleaner burning forms of fossil fuel, increased use of alternative energy sources, clean up of emissions from legacy infrastructure. What is not clear just yet is which technologies robust enough to last and which companies can execute with the greatest speed to establish market dominance.

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