Friday, September 18, 2009

Algae Science

Algae to biofuel - it is a romantic notion. “Oilgae” some are calling it. As with so many of the other renewable fuels, science lags intentions. The algae biofuel sector if there is to be one is still in the developmental stage.

In the last post a few names were thrown out in the aglae-to-biofuel business. Unfortunately, these are mostly private or are such speculative stocks they are suitable only for the most risk hungry investors. Homework, and lots of it, is necessary before jumping into the “algae tank.”

So here is one last post on algae, whether it turns out to be a transport fuel as so many hope, or takes its place as a carbon sink and co-generation fuel in the power industry.

The Oilgae web site is chock full of news tidbits about this company or another that has thrown the corporate hat into the algae pool, so to speak. The National Algae Association is another good resource. A free white paper from the Center for Management is also helpful - “Opportunities and Challenges in Algae Biofuels Production.”

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