Friday, May 08, 2009


Thousand of college graduations will toss up their mortar boards this week-end, including my own daughter. Next week they will trade in text books for how-to manuals on writing resumes.

Could there be a worse time to enter the market place? College graduates are in greater debt than ever as soaring tuition rates escalated the total cost of a four year degree. According to the College Board, private four-year colleges cost an average of $25,000 per year and public four-year colleges about $6,600 per year. Unemployment is at record levels. In the current employment environment, college graduates today have to be wondering if they will be able to get an appropriate return on their education investment, let alone pay back all the debt.

As bleak as the picture might seem today, there is no replacement for the college experience. No matter what the cost of tuition and fees, college is like no other environment as an incubator of new ideas and an inspiration for pursuits to come. College may not provide all the answers to life’s perplexities, but no where else can one better learn how to frame the questions and acquire the skills to solve them.

Congratulations Adrienne, and to all the other college grads of 2009. Good luck and God bless you in your journey!

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