Friday, November 02, 2007

Private BioFuel Players

The public side of the biofuel sector has built up around a group of mostly ethanol players. The fate of those stocks is well covered these days by a phalanx of analysts and pundits. Looking at the depressed stock prices one might think the end has arrived. On the contrary, I think there is still more to come - more in terms of technological innovation, that is. So I have been watching a group of private biofuel companies to get a hint of what is coming down the pike.

My list changes frequently as the weak fall by the wayside and the more pragmatic visionaries seek the warming fires of acquisitive competitors. Occasionally there is news of a technology break through or progress in a pilot study. It is this ebb and flow of failure and victory that provides clues for the investor as to the future of the biofuel sector.

Company Name and Web Site
Algae Biofuels, sub. of PetroSun Drilling
AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy
AquaFlow Bionomic
Barlow Projects, Inc.
Biomaxx Systems, Inc.
Blue Sun Biodiesel
BlueFire Ethanol, Inc.
Celunol, Inc.
Energy Products of Idaho
EnerWaste International Corporation
Fairchild International Corp.
FirmGreen Energy, Inc.
GEM Canada Waste-to-Energy, Inc.
GeoPlasma, LLC
Global Finest
GreenFuel Technologies Corp.
GreenHunter Energy, Inc.
Integrated Environmental Technologies, LLC
Iogen Corp.
Kwikpower International
Mascoma Corporation
Naanovo Energy, Inc.
Panda Ethanol
Parallel Products
Phoenix Biofuels
Pinal Energy, LLC
PureVision Technologies
Range Fuels, Inc.
Renewable Environmental Solutions, LLC
Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises
Solix Biofuels
Virgin Fuels
Waste to Energy Ltd.

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Anonymous said...

I have just looked through this list.

The only one that uses recyclables is

Wonderful technology !

Should be more of it.

Anonymous said...

I ahve seen it and it certainly does work!