Friday, January 12, 2007

King's Lessons

Monday we honor Martin Luther King, preacher, civil rights activist and peace advocate. He was very human, that is he made mistakes and cut corners just like the rest of us. That should make it easier to take a lesson or two from his example.

He was a prolific writer and speaker, some of which has been suggested was published earlier by other writers or delivered in sermons or speeches by other ministers or civil rights leaders. He appears to have been forgiven for his adaptations. Personally, I would be honored if I was fortunate to write something worthy of delivery by an orator with the ability to command attention and pierce the collective psyche as King did in 1963 with his “I have a Dream” speech.

Where ever his words came from, he apparently married them with enough passion and sincerity to make a dramatic impression. His legacy lives on not only in the civil rights conversation, but in all aspects of American life. Just as an experiment, I executed a search in Google using the words “Martin Luther King business.” The search produced 4.8 million responses.

Among the first ten was the
MLJ Business Empowerment Center located in Worcester, MA. The center is expanding to Connecticut with its business incubation strategies. I also saw reference to a book entitled Martin Luther King, Jr. On Leadership: Inspiration and Wisdom for Challenging Times penned by motivational speaker, Donald Phillips. Phillips uses King as a role model for organizational lessons in modern business. However, it is not a history book or biography. It is a “how to” book for aspiring entrepreneurs.

With 4.8 million search results, I could go on, but I think the point is already well established that King had several lessons to offer, not the least of which could be quite beneficial for those of us in business and investments. It is good that we set aside an entire day to give them some thought.

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