Friday, November 24, 2006

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

On Black Friday, while everyone else is at the Mall scrambling for the latest electronic gadgets, I am taking a few moments to compose a letter to Santa Claus. I figure I have been good enough to get on Santa’s “nice” list, improving the likelihood of getting a gift or two this holiday. Now I am not asking for anything for myself personally, I just want a few gifts for the companies in the coverage universe of
Small Cap SEARCH, a monthly newsletter recently launched by Crystal Equity Research.

Skillsoft, PLC (SKIL: Nasdaq) - a smooth integration of the company’s recent acquisition (October 2006) of NETg, the e-learning content division of The Thomson Corp., into Skillsoft’s e-learning platform for enterprise
HMS Holdings Corp. (HMSY: Nasdaq) - intelligent health care system reforms that will facilitate the company’s cost containment and payment accuracy services for health care payors.
NewMarket Corp. (NEU: NYSE) - a pull-back in the stock price from a 52-week high to give investors a chance to buy at better value on a strong operation providing chemical additives for petroleum products.
ABM Industries, Inc. (ABM: NYSE) - a pull-back in price would be great for this strong performing stock, but it would also be great to receive a finalization of actions to raise the minimum wage to give ABM and its facilities services employees more certainty.
RELM Wireless, Inc. (RELM: Nasdaq) - the gift of renewed confidence among analysts who downgraded RELM on a third quarter 2006 earnings shortfall.
LaserCard, Inc. (LCRD: Nasdaq) - this provider of sophisticated identification cards was downgraded by analysts recently also, but its prospects for growth are strong if the federal government continues ordering border pass, visa card and employee IDs.
Micronetics, Inc. (NOIZ: Nasdaq) - as a consolidation play on wireless communications components, Micronetics presents some complexity, so “some” research coverage would be the gift of the year.
Flexible Solutions International, Inc. (FSI: AMEX) - a second order for the company’s Water$avr product that dramatically reduces water evaporation of surface water bodies such as irrigation canals and lakes.
Electro Energy, Inc. (EEEI: Nasdaq) - successful completion of a contract with Sandia National Laboratories to development demonstrate a large-scale battery system for utility applications using the company’s bipolar NiMH battery technology.
Pure Cycle Corp. (PCYO: Nasdaq) - as a pioneer of duel distribution water services, Pure Cycle could use some help deploying recently acquired water rights from the Arkansas River.
American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc. (AOB: NYSE) - the company has its eyes on markets outside mainland China for its plant-based pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.
PW Eagle, Inc. (PWEI: Nasdaq) - the plastic pipe and fitting the company manufactures are simple enough to make but its markets are numerous and driven by multiple factors, but stronger macroeconomic conditions would be a plus for all.
Metals Management, Inc. (MM: NYSE) - an other strong quarter of growth in metals recycling orders just like in the September quarter.
Environmental Power Group, Inc. (EPG: NYSE) - rapid completion of the company’s planned biofuel production plants using wastes from dairies and cattle feedlots
Altair Nanotechnology, Inc. (ALTI: Nasdaq) - an order for all-electric fleet pick-up trucks or consumer SUVs using Altair’s batteries

Yours truly,

Debra at Small Cap Copy

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