Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giving Thanks

As the year rolls around to the season of Thanksgiving, I decided it was time to take stock (no pun intended) in those things for which we can be grateful. As we pass around the turkey and massed potatoes, the sweet potatoes and the pumpkin pie, we can whisper a soft thank you for things having been set right.

Indeed there is much to warrant investors’ expressions of appreciation. Shareholders in Computer Associates, Inc. (CA: NYSE) give a sigh of relief that Sanjay Kumar will be spending many days behind bars contemplating the fine art of options backdating. Then there is the break Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY: NYSE) received when Peter Dolan gave his resignation after a long string of questionable business tactics. Even Enron shareholders still have a glimmer of hope for receiving some of their investment back, albeit only a few pennies on the dollars. We could make a long list of corporate crooks that were caught and successfully brought to justice.

Among the companies under coverage by Crystal Equity Research, there is also much for which to be grateful even though no one in our coverage universe has committed any crime or caused any controversy. In fact, every company is growing and except for a hiccup or two and, they are growing, profitable and generate cash.

So here is our list of recent developments worth our giving thanks:

American Ecology, Inc. (ECOL: Nasdaq) - the most recent coverage initiation continues to protect Americans from their own nasty, toxic waste
Basin Water, Inc. (BWTR: Nasdaq) - potential significant relationship with Aqua America, Inc. (AWR: NYSE) is still in the works
CalAmp, Inc. (CAMP: Nasdaq) - has started shipping new, upgraded (and higher margin) outdoor units direct broadcast satellite providers EchoStar Communications (DISH: Nasdaq) and DirecTV (DTV: NYSE)
ENGlobal, Inc. (ENG: AMEX) - completed another very small, but highly strategic acquisition, giving the company better footing in the process manufacturing industry with a plant turnaround service (this on the heals of a tough third quarter)
Fuel-Tech, Inc. (FTEK: Nasdaq) - announces yet another demonstration project for the FUEL-CHEM solution for coal-burning power plants means more recurring revenue to generate earnings for shareholders and cleaner air for all of us
Health Grades, Inc. (HGRD: Nasdaq) - a tenacious management putting their backs into plowing new ground in the health care information sector
Hi-Tech Pharmacal, Inc. (HITK: Nasdaq) - slow but certain expansion of the product line with strict adherence to a highly focused market niche in liquid and branded generic drugs
Hurco Companies, Inc. (HURC: Nasdaq) - new product line additions including a Windows-based operating systems for its computer controlled machine tools that is expected to beats everyone in its classes when fully introduced to the market after after the first of the year
LoJack, Inc. (LOJN: Nasdaq) - the investment in SC-Integrity, a private supply chain security company, puts the LoJack brand into the cargo market
NovAtel, Inc. (NGPS: Nasdaq) - thanks to the FAA for testing the company’s receiver and determining it works with advanced GPS signals
Radyne Corporation (RADN: Nasdaq) - a steady, but strong hand on the helm by a new CEO means there will be improvements without upheaval that sometimes comes with new leadership
TechTeam Global, Inc. (TEAM: Nasdaq) - after a very bad year a series of new contracts that prove the company is still in the race for outsourced business processing jobs
Terra Industries, Inc. (TRA: NYSE) - thanks to the ethanol producers to instilling in investors across the land the great hope for corn plantings that mean higher sales of the company’s fertilizers

Coming soon….my wish list for Santa Claus.

Neither the author of this the Small Cap Copy web log, Crystal Equity Research or its affiliates have a beneficial interest in the companies mentioned herein.

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